• Flaxseed Oil (1 x 5L)

    Flaxseed Oil (1 x 5L)
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    Stoney Creek Flaxseed Oil is a rich source of Omega 3 (60% as ALA) and is an excellent vegetable alternative to fish oil. This fresh, nutty-tasting oil may be combined with cottage cheese, yoghurt, milk/soy drinks and fruit smoothies - or added to rice, vegetables, pasta and salad dressings. Stoney Creek Flaxseed Oil is cold-pressed from the finest quality Australian flaxseeds, to produce an oil that retains the inherent taste and nutritional qualities of premium flaxseeds. Protective can lining and nitrogen flushing maintains oil quality.  DO NOT COOK WITH FLAXSEED OIL

    Available in both 5L and 20L epon-lined cans.

    For Horses:

    Recommended dosage per day:

    • For overweight horses or ponies: 30-50mls 
    • For weight maintenance: 70-100mls
    • For weight gain: 150 -250mls
    • For horses or ponies on a predominantly hay diet: 100-250mls (dependant on size and condition)

    As with all feeds, please introduce flaxseed oil into the diet slowly and reduce the amount if scouring occurs. 

    For more information on the benefits and dosages, please visit:  insideoutequinehealth.com




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