Our Environment

Stoney Creek has adopted a strong stance on conservation (ie sustainable) farming methods. Although the company adopted organic practices as far back as 1994, extra effort is now required to farm within the effects of climate change, implementing practices that can repair the environment whilst enhancing organic crop production.

To achieve this, Stoney Creek is modifying old (and developing new) farming machinery, and adopting newly-developed pasture cropping and minimum till techniques. This range of strategies promises to:

  • Enhance soil health
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Improve crop yield
  • Provide fuel from rotation crops and farm waste

Stoney Creek Oil

Stoney Creek is concerned about climate change, and the very real impact it is having on our environment. The company is determined to play a leading role in demonstrating how a sustainable agribusiness can survive - and indeed prosper - in an environment dramatically affected by climate change.