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"Hi Stoney Creek Management and Staff,
I would like to share something with you regarding Flaxseed Oil. Some years ago now (2006) our cattle dog - black and tan, passed away at just over 15 years. About 2 years prior she had a lump on her rear foot pad area and it was checked out and found to be cancer. I did not like the Vet who said to remove her leg, he was questionable when he spoke he kept rolling his eyes up into his head - and my first thought was you want to operate??? So I started hunting for something that would assist her and make her life easier. Amputating her rear leg would have solved nothing as she had a back back anyway and this would compound the problem. I took her to another Vet who took X-rays and there were white dots on her lungs, it had Metastasized. In 6 weeks she had gone from a healthy dog to one of severe weight loss and was no longer interested in food. So I started her on a host of natural products, one was 30 ml of Flaxseed Oil daily. I said to the Vet we will be back in 4 - 6 weeks as I will require another X-ray. Our girl was given Multi-Vitamins, flaxseed oil, Vitamin C, B Vitamins. Six weeks later a different dog walked into the Vets and he was shocked. She had gained weight, the "I give up" look in her eyes ws gone. The X-ray taken revealed the white spots on her lungs had SHRUNK. We were winning. Unfortunately in the end, it was her back that had her quit. A spur on the spine facing internally must have given her a lot of pain. So we had to make a decision. Its now 18 years later and it still gets to me.So I have nothing but praise for Flaxseed Oil as I saw it work.""

My best regards. Barb M.


"Dear Staff at Stoney Creek,
I’d like to congratulate for finding this alternative source of Brown Flaxseeds. You could not have done a bigger favour for health. I have a theory that any land/island that is volcanic, will be mineral rich and health beneficial. Therefore I am most happy to support this new product, as long as I can afford to."


Flax Oil Used by Brain Tumour Patient
In January 2019, we received an email from a very happy customer, who purchases our Stoney Creek Flaxseed Oil products. We often hear from customers who have had their health impacted positively after incorporating flax into their diets. This customer had a very emotional and powerful story he wanted to share with us.
Here is part of this story.


“I just received my Flaxseed Oil in NORTH QUEENSLAND….just amazing.I have taken 2 tablespoons every day for many years instead of HRT and have told a lot of women who also buy this product. It must be the Golden Flaxseed and Stoney Creek I tell them. The little shop I used to buy from couldn’t get it anymore for me so I found you online.
Thank you so much

Kind regards, Judy


Highly recommend Stoney Creek Oil Products. Everyone who works there is super lovely to deal with, they make amazing products and go above and beyond to meet our business requirements, and to answer our never-ending questions and requests. We really appreciate Stoney Creek and all the hard work the team do for us. Thank you all!

Roberta B.


Hemp oil so happy to be able to buy it local i used to have to order it online:) and of course the flaxseed oil i have been having it for years now it keeps my skin and hair looking good :)we are so lucky to have your company so close to home

Jennifer S.


Being a breast health coach, I know the value of organic flaxseed and hemp seed oil for healthy cells, for beating inflammation and for joint health. Your product is great. Keep up the good work

Marnie C.


FLAXSEED OIL and FLAXSEED HUSK, I started using Flaxseed Oil and Flaxseed Husk on a daily basis added into my morning PROTEIN shake of BSCWPI Chocolate in water and within the first few months I noticed significant bodily changes, I was born and suffered all my life with IBS Irritible Bowell Syndrone, and the symptoms of IBS started to dissappear after using the Flaxseed Oil and Husk for the first time in my life after over 50 years of suffering also my fingernails stated growing faster and stronger and they look so Healthy and I now have to cut my fingernails and Toenals more regulary but the growth and the healthy appearance of my nails is amazing the other BIG changes were my hair feels more Healthy and also seems to be growing better and I have no hair loss or any sign of hair loss my hair actually feels thicker and softer and my skin feels more moisturised but moreso OILY which I absolutely love I believe (I know) the Flaxseed OIL has definetely made a huge and wonderful benefit and Healthy bodily changes in all these areas, my bowells, Nails, Hair, Skin and of course an overall feeling of well being I have used the FLAXSEED OIL and HUSK for many years now on a daily basis and my body has much healthy FUNCTION. I STRONGLY recommend using the Flaxseed Oil together with the Flaxseed Husk also I love to be able to phone a very well run family business and the very first time I called I spoke with FRED who told me all about the process and since then I have spoken to Fred's daughter and also his wife and they are hands on and this company has the personal touch still which sadly has dissappeared from many companies and banks today , It's a TRUE pleasure dealing DIRECT with STONEY CREEK and I give this company a 10/10 for their service and customer service and satifaction.

Tezza C.


Love your flaxseed meal and been using it for years to add on my cereal every morning and fruits! Love it and high in fibre! I purchased 3 packs of them recently online and great prompt service. Highly recommended!

Annabelle A.


Flaxseed meal! It helped enormously with hot flushes and the other joys of menopause. Great product to enjoy in so many ways. I have on rolled oats every morning. The flavour and texture it makes the breakfast, is fabulous. Thanks Stoney Creek Oil.

Julie C.


I love your flaxseed oil and flaxseed meal! The service you give is excellent and I always find your telephone staff knowledgeable and helpful! Thanks for all your help. Until the next order…

Lucia C.


Cold pressed linseed oil for dogs n horses ... Best supplement for dogs on their biscuits or raw food the right omega blend for amazing shiny coats and healthy joints using for 5 + years now can't recommend the product enough!

Kuma S.


Flaxseed oil is my favourite, a daily treat that makes me savour it. Adding to smoothies, my favourite salad dressing or just straight - so good for me and my family.

Marnie P.


We only tried a flaxseed oil and it is become our favourite oil. I would not tell about the benefits of this oil, because everyone knows them. I really liked the taste. This oil very fresh, has a little nutty flavor, beautiful golden color. Our kids like this oil too and use it instead of fish oil.

Alyona L.


Cold pressed linseed oil - good quality linseed oil that make my horses shine from the inside out.

Prue W.


"I have been using this flaxseed oil for years and love it! My little girls ask for it on their breakfast everyday! No other flax oil compares! I just got my pack in the mail this week - my first order direct with the company- I have always ordered through health food stores. I can't wait to cook the recipes in the free pack I was sent! Thank you Stoney Creek!"

Nikki S.


"We first discovered Stoney Creek products 20 years ago after using them at The Gawler Cancer Foundation. Golden Flaxseed oil has become our favourite & we also use the 'Flax for Life' Cookbook a lot. We spread flaxseed oil on toast, add it to smoothies, added it to our children's bottles of milk prior to them eating solids, & later added it to their veggies. We use it in salad dressings, stir it onto porridge & add it to our own vegetable dishes. Becasue we have used it for years, we all love it! The staff at Stoney Creek when ordering are always informative & helpful. We have had 9 addresses in 10 years, but your product has always found its way to us wherever we have lived in either metropolitan Melbourne or in rural Victoria. Delivery is always quick & easy. Thank you for such great Aussie products & for being so great to deal with over many years!! Glad to support your business."

Kerri-Anne H.


"Ah ❤ Stoney Creek Oils ❤ we love you. Just can't get enough of your amazing products, something for everyone & our fur babies! We have never been so healthy & energetic thanks to your oils & meals, highest in Omega's & taste divine. FLAX FOR LIFE for sure."

Suzie S.


"Stoney Creek Flaxseed Oil is the best quality on the market, I'm so happy to support an Australian owned company who believe in organic products that are also non GMO. I have been a user of the products for many years and have just recently started to purchase them online, The products arrive very well wrapped, delivery time is so quick, surprising, as I live in a rural area"

Jacqueline H.


"I have used the Flaxseed Oil for years following the improvement and extended life that it gave my father following cancer diagnosis. This product with other measure he undertook extended his life by a year and a half when he was given 6 weeks. I believe that this is on of the best sources of cancer fighting inputs that my body can receive."

Peter M.


"We have been using this product for as long as I can remember. Mum who is 95 uses it regularly there is ALWAYS a tin in her fridge.
✔️ Makes the best Budwig Mixture
✔️ It is fresh,
✔️ It is organic
✔️ Able to buy in bulk..
✔️ Can be kept in the freezer.
✔️ Australian product where ever possible
✔️ Australian company
✔️ GREAT customer service"

Robert B.


" I have been using Stoney Creek Flaxseed oil since 2010 to manage my health and it is ALWAYS fresh and tasty when delivered to my door! Buying them in bulk is always great as I can freeze them and get a new can out when I need it! 5 Stars Stoney Creek ⛤⛤⛤⛤⛤"

Ashley K.


General Feedback.


"Thank-you for great service, prompt delivery & the information you sent me on your oil. The way you pack your containers is impressive. From start to finish I found your company excellent to deal with, and the ladies gave great customer service on the phone. Overall, I am impressed & it's a pleasure to deal with Stoney Creek Oil. Thank you..."

Karel C, Launceston - May 2015


"We have been purchasing flaxseed and flaxseed oil from Stoney Creek for approx 8 yrs...my husband grinds the flaxseed and has it on his porridge every morning. We both have flaxseed oil on our porridge, we love the flavour of the brown (I make a dressing of flaxseed oil, organic tamari & organic honey - yummy, I have it on salads and cooked veges. We are both in our 80s, but nobody can guess our age - even our doctor can't believe it.
Thanks Stoney Creek, I'm sure the flaxseed oil has had a lot to do with keeping us healthy."

Mary B, Melbourne - January 2015


 “Thank you for the quick response to my small order of Organic Brown Flaxseed oil which came this morning. All contents arrived in good order and the great packaging in soft esky of the oil is pure genius. Very happy with everything.”

Hans P, Melbourne – December 2014


“…I have been using your Flaxseed Meal and I feel a whole lot better…bought it at the Talbot Market”

Rosemary L, Melbourne – July 2014


“As a mother raising a vegan child, flaxseed gives us beneficial Omegas. We use flaxseed in multiple forms so we can vary how we consume it. Whether as an oil added to salads, pesto etc or in a granular form added to smoothies, muffins or cakes, flaxseed is a regular ingredient in our cooking.”

Kayte H, Millgrove, Victoria – April 2014


“Great source of fibre and antioxidants in the seeds and so important to get omega 3's - easy to do using the oil as a salad dressing. Grown organically, guess you have to expect some losses but the end product is so worth it.”

Vicki McK, Fairfield, Victoria – April 2014