Flax Oil Used by Brain Tumour Patient

Date Posted:8 January 2019 

In January 2019, we received an email from a very happy customer, who purchases our Stoney Creek Flaxseed Oil products.

We often hear from customers who have had their health impacted positively after incorporating flax into their diets. This customer had a very emotional and powerful story he wanted to share with us. Here is part of this story.

"You may be interested in knowing that I use the Flaxseed Oil for the Budwig Protocol.

I have had 5 tumours now in the head, have been given 4 death sentences since 2003. I had my first Craniofacial Resection where I lost the sight of one of my eyes and all sense of taste and smell. My last operation was back in December 2016 whereby, to get the tumour I would have to lose the sight of my good eye, which the medicos thought would be fine with me.

Wrong! I only authorize them to remove part of the tumour leaving the sight in my good eye intact. Leaving part of the malignant tumour behind, I then went back onto the Budwig Protocol on a daily basis and have been since then.

Over this period of time I have had many extensive MRI’s carried out on my head by Perth’s top radiologist and guess what?.. they can’t find the tumour they left behind. The surgeon, shocked and bewildered, finally asked me what I was doing, so I sat him down and told him. With that he went straight onto the web in search of Dr J Budwig and was gobsmacked, then turned to me and said: “Why aren’t we all on this?”
- Ray

We have also been informed by the customer recently that he had another scan that confirmed again, there is no sign of the tumour.

If you would like more information about the research and practical instructions from Dr. Johanna Budwig, please see her books, available from our website. There is also some great information available on their website: budwigcenter.com/the-budwig-diet

Please remember Stoney Creek team members are not physicians, naturopaths or scientists. We just pride ourselves on producing the very best quality, Australian Flaxseed Oil possible. This is our expertise.