Seed Availability

Difficulty in obtaining seed is not something that is new to us here at Stoney Creek Oils.

We understand how important it is to eat and live well by choosing Organic, free range, grass fed, sustainably grown etc. And this is achievable if you are a home producer or have the ability to source these things from other local producers.

But producing these things in a commercial manner can be difficult with individual threats that our farmers face. Growing Linseed Organically is not free from those threats.

Apart from weeds and unreliable rain events the biggest threat to Organic Linseed is the Heliothis Grub. For you that enjoy gardening, imagine trying to control cabbage moth in 4-5 football fields of organic cabbages. Organic food production in your home garden is manageable but commercially can be very difficult!

I am going to share with you some photo’s that I have taken of the seed that is available to us currently so that you can understand why we make the decisions we do.

These are both Organic Brown, but can you see the difference?

Organic Brown Seed

  • The seeds on the Left are flat and have white patches on them, they are dull, and green, and when you open the bag you can smell a musty smell. This is most likely due to the plant not having the moisture required to maintain its growth and then being harvested incorrectly. If this seed were to be produced into oil it would be bitter and unpalatable. This seed does not meet the Stoney Creek inward seed standards and was rejected.
  • The seed on the Right in a lovely brown plump shiny seed, this seed we have had tested at the lab and it is some of the best seed we have ever produced in our 27+ years with 54.5 % Omega 3.

What seed would you want us to use to produce your premium oil from?

The seed on the Left is the only Australian Organic Brown Seed available to us currently and the seed on the Right is the Organic Brown seed that we are currently purchasing from Kazakhstan!

Organic Brown Seed

Our first choice is always to by local seed to support our Australian growers, however when there is no seed available or the only seed available is of unsuitable quality, we are forced to seek our necessary quality seed from other suppliers.